A New Home for the Coherent State
December 28th, 2019

Today I've decided to re-launch my blog in a new location with a renewed purpose. My old blog lacked a lot of structure and I frankly stopped posting for the several month leading up to this change. In this new location, I'm hoping to have a nice fresh start where I can write posts about all the topics that interest me. The posts will mostly revolve around math, physics and quantum computing, however, I might put out a few other posts relating to other areas of interest as well (like philosophy, economics, music, etc.).

I'm hoping that this blog will act as a centralized place where I can put all of my posts that don't fall under the scope of my math/physics soolution manuals (which can be found on other pages on my website). The main goal of my posts on this website will be to express ideas in an engaging and succinct way, while still preserving all of the technical and mathematical rigour that I love talking about.

If you have any feedback for me, or ideas about the direction in which I should take this blog, do not hesitate to send me an email at jackceroni@gmail.com! If you are interested learning more about my other content/projects, please check out my personal website!

Thanks for reading, and I hope we talk again soon!

- Jack